Chances Are We’ll Never Meet Again

2 minute read   ·   09/ Business Casual
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“So, you ever feel like talking to the person sitting next to you when you’re on the subway?”

She looked a bit surprised. “You mean like how you’re talking to me now?”

A witty response. “Fair enough.”

I must have caught her off-guard. She seemed interested in what I was to say next, but at the same time, she was cautious, methodically calculating in her mind if it was proper to continue speaking to a stranger. But wait, why was I talking to her?

Clearing the gates of the 4 train headed towards Union Square, I rushed toward a seat, bag in hand. I looked up and saw an ad on the wall, something similar to: “Chances are your match is in another train.” Something hit me, challenged me, made me wonder if I could defy such a theory. Then I noticed her, Banana Republic bags in hand, taking the seat next to me. She was out of breath. And she looked like she needed someone to talk to.

“Alright. No, I don’t think I ever have wanted to talk like that. Probably never have the time.”

“No? Don’t you think that you may meet the most amazing person, someone who you may have been looking for all your life by simply taking that leap of faith? It’s not too much of a risk. A bit of small talk that may or may not lead to something. I mean, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t something I do routinely. I suppose it just may have been something in you that led me to opening my mouth. It could have been that simple. It could have been that easy.”

She glared at me for a second as the train halted at Union Square. “You’re cute. Too bad I have to get off now. Take care!” She gave me a smile. A big one. And then she got up and left. Gathering my thoughts, I jumped up, as it was my stop as well. But by the time I climbed up the stairs, she was out of sight.

It was cold today in Union Square, but suddenly it was a bit warmer than it was five minutes ago.