You Are My Angel

1 minute read   ·   02/ Houston to New York City
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If, and therefore, or else.

Conjunctionary Contradictionary, Canary (like the background color?);

flow = can you go? (it’s the sixth beat, until we meet)

_playful dislocation, legs break
_i’m now tainted in my locomotion
_got me livin’, got me trippin’
_rabid, incessive, super-psyche potion
_of the kinetic fields, can you feel
_these hyper neurons, transferring emotion

{ ex | xe sexe }

// i felt her inside my soul;
// i didn’t think i could let her go;
// yet she denied what was;
// and so now it’s a fairy tale.

++ iz it psyens fiktion ii,
[for in the end, you cannot let go what surrounds you so heavily].