A Clockwork Orange

2 minute read   ·   01/ Obsidian in Amber
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You should take your grades and shove them down your throat. The world is not made of numbers. People are not made of numbers. Be it that numbers do make the world go round, for they are an intricate part of the bind that holds the fabric of our existence. But also let it be known that to designate a number to you, to me, is nothing short of blasphemy on humanity.

I want you to cut down the trees in the forest and clear the path to my cabin. I want you to enter and sit down, and to take a look around and to tell me what you see. Nothing short of reality, of perspective, of unearthing beauty of what things are and what things are not.

I liked my old keyboard because it made a clicking sound. It left no room for me to doubt of it being hit. This is an analogy: I want to hit the world, to rock it, to shake it and leave my mark. I have been here, and when I leave it, you will have known such. This is my plan.

And things shall work out so nicely, because you see, I have the potential. This I know. This I know. If I can make magic appear and disappear, why cannot I make miracles happen? The business of the future is to be dangerous. The business of the future is to exist and survive without surrendering to the threat of cowards and of the inner, destructive self.

Is it not popular belief that the downfall of mankind will come from within? I do not believe so. I believe we are more intelligent than this. I believe we are as strong as the cockroaches. I believe we are intelligent enough to evolve not only physically by intellectually, in a manner that gives more concern to the existence rather than the ownership and destruction of property and humanity.

This I believe, this I shall stand by. This is what will lead me on my path of glory and honour. Can you ever be too ambitious? Brutus thought Caesar was too ambitious, and Brutus was an honourable man. Yet, I am no Caesar. I have seen his follies, I have learned from his mistakes.

Death shall not come to me until I have conquered the impregnable. This is how it shall be. This is the orchestra to which I shall conduct my symphony.

I shall be there, waiting—will you be there too to join the parade? In the end, ladies and gentleman, we shall all be floating in space.

Just don’t burst my bubble, yo.