Colonial Hangover

War is a function of time, counting moments until our breathing ceases due to lack of satisfaction. War does not have a rhythm you can reciprocate.

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Hanoi Tomorrows

She keeps Hesse by her bedside, Camus on her desk and Bukowski in her memory. In a tiny small one bedroom apartment on the edges of a new city, she gathers ammunition and fortifies herself while inching towards a generational war.

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Tamarind Tragedies

This is our land of love, where desires burn through broken fuchka into tamarind tragedies—for that curbside bite, mouth open, eyes closed and all consuming taste exists only as a momentary respite for all the hunger that‘s silted up.

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Tropical Malaise

At the Tropic of Cancer, red is the color born of blood, thickened by sweat and applied on lips to ignite conversations.

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The Weight of Plates

In the seconds of acceptance, she felt the weight of responsibility lift, one she had been carrying for years. Her shoulders alive, her breath free, her days suddenly hers.

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Dhaka Elegy

A cacophony of drunkards wage war into the night. The fight in their veins building up for generations—crown after crown, their idols replaced by outsiders who cared not for their tomorrow.

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Neon Universe

The thing about rabbit holes is that they exist in their own neon universe, and only when one consciously traverses a landscape of doubt and uncertainty will they show themselves.

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First and The World

As the first child in his family’s generation, his mother had named him Prothom—or First—and only recently had he taken the weight of it on his shoulders. Names don’t make us who we are, he thought, but a part of him couldn’t escape it.

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When Dick Met Jane

Our bodies are Churchill in the face of Hitler. We rest at Dunkirk awaiting our saviours, and we do not accept resolution that results in capitulation of our hopes.

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Fragrant Harbours

You wake up in the morning, lips bleeding, blood on the pillow with memories of a broken goodbye. “Just get in,” she says as she tells the driver where to go. You’re a visitor in a foreign land where your only commonality with her is a newfound sense of empathy—something that’s fully unimportant to the taxi man. He drives. She walks away.

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