Pseudo-Optical Inertia

1 minute read   ·   01/ Obsidian in Amber
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Nonsensical representation of the blurry world; the eyes cannot fathom the truth into its depths of uneasiness—the lies within our feet are sweeter, they are warm and comfortable, not unlike a blanket filled with small electric currents.

Theoretical devices of mental torture compare not to the human touch of anti-compassion. A bleak chamber tactic is threaded into every bead of the hydrogen bonds that make us—and only time is the controller of the fury that is to be let out.

Concrete souls of mechanical stature: Evident and pure, existing in society under the charlatan veil of the next door neighbour. Pop (the sound of the micro-systematic move toward the release) and boom (the sound of the initial release) are aural warnings preceding the vagrancy of the gaseous inert fuse.

Electro-genesis of anti-anti-compassion and the ultimate powerhold over anti-compassionities is the goal of the meek—the quiet sheltered mind has not been washed over the deluded fantasies of psyens fiktion.

The theoretical victory of either side of forces is only the basic foundation of what is to be—the cycle of rebirth for the pseudo-neighbourlies or the freedomites is evident everyday—

In the end, it remains to be a war of psychological empowerment, and only an innate reasoning ability will preclude to the conclusion of what should have never happened.