Neo-Synthetik Societies

2 minute read   ·   01/ Obsidian in Amber
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Sperm + egg = baby.

That was the archetypal equation, but we have further advanced this process. Scientific advances over the past forty years has allowed us to magnify the potential of each sperm and egg. We can now produce 128 identical twins from one egg! Fertilisation occurs in our facilities, far away from our utopian societies. We have the ability to manipulate a child’s genetics in order to thoughtfully plan out his or her life for its full extent. We consider such control the definitive marvel of our era.

Sexual reproduction is no longer a necessity. Sexual intercourse, thereby, is only performed for purposes of pleasure. Advances in virtual reality has also lowered actual flesh to flesh intercourse count, which has led to a decrease in sexually transmitted diseases. One now has to worry about the price of a virtual sex machine instead of the contraction diseases or if the contraception will not work properly. We also provide novices with computer assistance during virtual sex—one needs not to worry about not performing optimally anymore! Intercourse now is always pleasurable for both sexes. We have games that can be played, scenarios that can be provided and many other options in order to make the experience totally customisable and completely satiable.

We are also developing an artificial intelligence entity. Soon, we will not have to worry about fertilising on a consistent basis. We will have entities of artificial intelligence at our feet to do our daily chores for us. In addition, we are almost done completing research on what may be the epitome of medical technology: Nanobots! These so-called nanobots will be diverged into the bloodstream of every newborn. As the child grows, these nanobots, which each contain of chipsets and transistors of an infinitesimally small size, will adapt to the bodily functions of the child. In time, these nanobots will take care of any pain or disease or deficiency that is present in the person. Even the state of mind will be relaxed, depression and anxiety made extinct, and an overall feeling of contentment felt.

Speaking of the state of mind, we also would like to show you our newest research topic: Digitrans-terrainal tele-cognitive research. What is this exactly? Well, just like fiber optic cables from the olden days, we hope to connect human minds from thousands of miles away by linking the neural pathways via a digital frequency. This is unprecedented in the history of man. If we succeed, telecommunicating will no longer be a hardship. You plug in your neural cord to a little phone line digital conductor and dial up a number, not unlike the ancient phones. In a millisecond, you can connect to a friend thousands of miles away!

In the end, nature may limit science, but that does not mean science cannot bend and stretch the boundaries.