Systematik Hipgnosis

1 minute read   ·   01/ Obsidian in Amber
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And Stella broke the silence with a momentary whisper.

“I think you need to go stand in front of a truck.”

Pip was not shocked, but rather curious: “Why?” Calmly, this was said.

No, it didn’t make logical sense. But then again, Stella wasn’t a logical being.

“Well, because I think you need to make your life more exciting.”

“But what if I die?”

“Oh well!”

“Ah, I see.” A sigh followed.

She smiled. When she performed such an action, everything else seemed to blur and mesh together. The surroundings’ colours became enriched; the air cleaner, smoother, a bit colder; time stopped, quickened its pace, and came to a sharp halt. The world circumvented reality, and only fantasies remained present.

But then, inevitably, reality hit him hard.

Although, not as hard as that truck.