Adventures in Skepticism

1 minute read   ·   15/ Life as Fiction
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the devotionary tactics / and luminary mechanics / that she employs / tackling my systemics / penetrating my deliberates / and revamping my dynamics / in degrees that encapsulate / and manipulate / all that there is, the holistics / non-chalant while checking the ballistics / of pleasure and disarmament / when she stands tall / without garments / on skin, so clean and crystalline / and awefully warm and / prepares for the ultimate scorn / knowing that this is it / pint or two of pale ale / and we’re shooting the shit / everything so perfect / like little miss muffett / until the lies collapse / and we’re wanting warren buffett / tough it, she whispers / but the truth remains / twisted and apocalyptic / hope washed away by the rains / toppling the daisies / creating puddles and mazes / but i hold tight and stay crazy / spitting out rhymes like babies stay quiet / cause one day when the sun is shining / and the sky is blue / i’ll discover insanity / and inoculate you / as the cuckoo will fly / i will open my eyes / and in some distant world / you will be mine