Cracking the Bends

1 minute read   ·   01/ Obsidian in Amber
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A collection of songs to soothe the night. Spending hours on the phone with the girl I’m crazy for, with her not knowing it (yet). And inside, feeling some sort of calmness. Some sort of serenity.

It’s what makes me tick: The next good thing, the next good ride, the next good moment in time when I can come out and smile to the world. When I can kiss the stars from here on earth and ride away in my reveries of another future, another time, another chance and hope.

I say hallelujah, and reach out for her, hoping to grasp something of true materialism in the void. Hoping to grab onto hold of some sort of fantasy, mixed in with another reality.

And I can’t explain. She makes me smile. It’s really that simple.

And have you noticed how well I get on because of that smile?