Delicate Ironies

1 minute read   ·   14/ Japanese Efficiency
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I want to write a book, direct a film or do something that’ll show you, tell you and make you feel about the ironies and preciousness of life. Think, for one moment, if this happened:

An accident occurs. You get amnesia. In the following week, you have the most exciting time of your life. You fall in love, conquer your fears, take over the world in every metaphorical sense possible. And then, somehow, at the end of the week you get your memory back. But don’t remember anything that happened the week before. Your monotonous life continues, yet you don’t feel regret at all.

There is no happy ending. The girl you fell in love with does not find you out. Somebody recognizes you in the street one day, and you think they’re crazy and just walk on by. You are still you, but you’re not all that you really are. The potential and charisma that you had that week is now forever tucked away with lady luck in your fifth grade trapper keeper.

For all you know, that has happened to you. And you just don’t remember. You just don’t.