Love as Fiction

1 minute read   ·   15/ Life as Fiction
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Is love a myth? I think it is. Love is only real if you bring it down to earth, but most people never do. How do you achieve that? You must believe nothing lasts forever. And if you can believe that, all will be well. People live in a world where they want to think long-term. People live in a world where they expect things to be clockwork. But nothing is clockwork. Nothing is long-term. And once one understands that, one can love without strings, love fully, love passionately. Do not mix your HMOs with love. Love doesn’t want to deal with IRAs. Love wants love. It warrants warmth and instant satisfaction. Love is longing. And love is not perfect. If you fear, and if you do not trust—it is not love. No kind of love should ever have to deal with that. And most of all: Love is momentary. It can disappear at any given time. Love is situational. You do not fall in love with the homeless no matter how much they make you smile when you converse with them. But if you have that same conversation with a rich, beautiful twenty-eight year old, that is love. Love happens because of atmosphere. What about love at first sight? “The second I saw you, I told myself I’m going to go for you.” But that was intrigue. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was the idea of love at first sight. There’s no love at first sight, per se, but you think that’s what it is! And thus, you fool yourself. Because love is a myth. A wonderful, beautiful myth. It is a goddess with wings.