Once a Quiet Eskimo

1 minute read   ·   15/ Life as Fiction
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i’m a legend you can’t contend with / bend with (like beckham) / as i send you out / with my love and my memories / tragedies and apologies / that we circumscribe like sophocles / cause this love is a melody / of imaginary quantities / so don’t beat yourself down / since you keep on drowning / on these deaf ears of sound that / slip past your ground and / leave you hanging around and / make you feel like counting the crows / bros? where the love at? / yeah, hold up your bat as i / stand here waiting for you / with death and thunder below / while the game’s starting / so let’s go / cause i’ve got tickets / and wilson pickett’s got the music / while my bowler’s busting wickets / we win and you lose / check the score, dear / to count the ways you got abused / and me? oh, i’m here / and i’m just simply amused