Since 1981

1 minute read   ·   05/ Red Pocket
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A kamikaze heart that streaks past your window: Have a look. Is it still red?

Does the blood still flow? Do you know where it goes?

Electronic signals of the metaphysical nature: Binary illusions defy the sun. Melting pots of theories and theses, the grass is never green on our side of the field.

In our days, we lived an eternity. Now, we’re merely the shadows of our own past. We’d like to think that the end is near, but we know that it is not the case. We’re trying to fool ourselves so we don’t have to take into account the many days that will exist hereafter.

It’s a comedic notion to think that we are more than what we truly are. Because in the end, the only prevailing nature of our own beings is the look in our eyes when we look upon the wall of the dark, blank cave and blink to think:

“Ah. It’s a beautiful morning. It’s a beautiful world.”