The Handless Wonder

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The whole equal exchange thing is good. I mean, why not, right? Why give more than take? Why take more than give? Alright, some wouldn’t mind doing the latter, but by nature we’ll only do the former when we’ve already received enough.

“But baby, you always talk about the camera when you talk about us. Why does that camera mean so much to you in our relationship?”

I’m not sure why it was so hard for her to understand. I lost my camera the night I met her, along with the memories that were stored in it. I gave up my memories for her, and something tangible (and a little expensive) to boot. I just wanted to know if she was worth that price.

“Circumstance.” A cool, one word answer. Always does the trick.

“I don’t get it. What’s up with you and circumstance all the time? I’m the greatest thing you’ve ever had, yet you still think about that damn camera. Come on, the camera or me? Would you give me up for that damn thing?”

It’s a little tricky answering questions like this. Mother used to say that love has an expiration date, but memories last as long as they make you happy or sad. And that essentially means I’ve exchanged something happy (or sad) for something that will end.

But then it makes a little more sense. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be that way. Memories, the ones I lost with that camera. You and I: We’re going to replace them. I’m not sure how much longer I have you, but I’m sure as hell gonna make the best of it.”

She smiles and blinks twice. With her, blinking is as good as blushing. Her eyelashes slowly fight gravity and steady themselves upward. Her breath, against the cold winter night, creates a smokescreen that lets me into her heart.

I learned long ago that time and space are our biggest enemies. But if she’s near me, space is defeated. Time, though, fights a hard fight. But damn, those eyelashes. They sure do slow down ol’ man time. What a memory that one is.