Visual Alpha Beta

2 minute read   ·   01/ Obsidian in Amber
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The intricate curves and crevasses of the cheeks; the sides of the nose, in waxing reflections against the glow of light from the ceiling; the small, slender lips that seem to reciprocate each other (and the tongue that slips over them from time to time); and her protruding eyes, ones that are aesthetic, and their irises going up and down and under and over, just roaming the domain of present.

She’ll slip the pencil past her immediate reach and place it at the top of the desk, as if it were to almost fall since it was so close to the upper edge. The notebook, with its scribblings and notes and private declarations, lies on the desk, against her chest, as if it also were to fall (but in the opposite direction than the pencil). She sometimes wears her glasses, which make her seem more scholarly than she already is; at random times she’ll look the random stereotype (the nerd, the model, the mother, the sweetheart/lover). Her attire will change, depending on time, day, event and future speculations of results.

She looks just amazing in a simple, ordinary t-shirt.

The story goes that one slowly falls for someone when one has spent a considerable amount of time with them. Arranged marriages, for example, force husbands and wives to unite. Often they come to admire, respect and love each other. In the same respect, there are these working relationships: To be kept professional, or in cases of schooling, purely academic.

But what if one should, in time, start seeing the other in a more intimate light? When she comes to know what is inside him, and he comes to know what is inside her, is the gap abridged that they can finally connect?

Oh, but what of the complexities? The bridge can collapse, it is to be said. There are external pressures into such endeavours. Be it someone else entirely to come in between, or time or space or some other natural cause, sometimes bridges seem to collapse half-way completed.

Reality is a badly structured occurrence.

The more one wants it to curve in preference,

The more it’ll bend outward and hit one in the nuts.