Welcome to Reality

1 minute read   ·   13/ Premeditated Pleasures
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i go hungry / this money, it’s not interplanetary / survival becomes a joke without hope / just look at the bloke down the street / trying to cope / without the greens to pay for his dope / his coke / unable to ease himself in and out of tension / did i mention the president is his best friend / taking his money making him think it’s his best bet / to get set / and get out of the ghetto / but it’s not so / the lies come and go / but my boy’s still stuck / shivering at night / having no girl to hold him tight / the fiend’s life is a lonely one / no mornings, no bright and early suns / the cash crops that deliver the dollars / dictate life and theory like sulla / back in the days of ancient rome / power hungry fools always took the throne / knowing the bigger beavers / always got to hit up mrs. cleaver / and just like that we’re back to square one / under the gun / making you wonder where the fuck’s the fun / well, son, there ain’t none / welcome to reality / just know that your life is done.